Endless Energy.
Fast Recovery.

A natural vitality booster to increase muscle, strength, and endurance.

Maximizes absorption and uptake of supplements, protein and collagen.

AEON Fulvic Acid Gut Health Supplement
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Improve Strength & Stress Resilience

Fulvic acid, the active ingredient in AEON was officially used by the USSR in their space program and Olympic teams as a means to improve recovery and minimize weakness. 

It has also been shown to improve mood and minimize the effects of stress.

One study found that men between 45-55 who used fulvic acid for 90 days experienced a significant increase in testosterone. Optimized testosterone isn’t just for men, studies show that in both sexes this anti-aging hormone has been shown to improve overall vitality and quality of life. 

Feel stronger and more vital!

What are Humic/Fulvic Acids?

What exactly does AEON do?

What am I missing in my diet?

What Makes AEON So Effective?

Purity and Concentration

The active ingredients in AEON are fulvic and humic acids (also called shilajit in eastern medicine). Originating in the Himalayan region, shilajit has been used for centuries and is still used in traditional medicine in many parts of Asia.

What makes AEON different is the source, purity and concentration.

AEON contains 30x more fulvic and humic acids than shilajit.

Unlike most foreign shilajit sources that may contain mycotoxins and heavy metals, AEON is sourced from pristine areas of Canada near the Rocky Mountains. It then undergoes a patented 2 stage purification and extraction process.

100% Canadian and proud!


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DISCLAIMER: Some of the above information has been derived from experimental data and has thus not been approved by standard medical bodies as of yet. The above data does not take into account any genetic defects or other unforseen problems related to nutrition and metabolism. This information is not intended to replace any medical procedure, advice or protocol prescribed by a medical practitioner. Consult your doctor before going on any intensive nutritional supplementation


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