Got a Leaky Gut? This Fulvic acid supplement can fix your gut health


Got a Leaky Gut? This Fulvic acid supplement can fix your gut health

fulvic acid helps fix your leaky gut
Gut problems? Fulvic acid (the power product of nature) is a supplement that could aid you faster and better than a jungle of dietary restrictions... and let you enjoy life without stomach troubles.

Updated: Aug. 2021

Gut problems? Fulvic acid is a natural product derived from rare earth deposits and has been used for centuries to treat stomach issues and inflammation. 

Leaky gut is the talk of health town with various explanations and beliefs all over the internet. From arguments stating it as a relative newly labeled condition that has been ignored as a chronic disease. To medicine writing it off as made-up pseudoscience.

Ready. Set. What you gut?…

Instead of upsetting your stomach with a huge debate we’d much rather give you some insight on fixing your general gut health and find out how you can remove any symptoms of leaky gut that you may have – no matter which side of the spectrum you fall.

Here’s what we cover:

  • What is leaky gut and what causes it 
  • What you may experience if you have a leaky gut
  • Fulvic acid and why it works
  • AEON – fulvic acid supplement

What is leaky gut and what causes it?

Leaky gut is essentially as bad as it sounds. Normally, your daily consumption of blueberry quinoa porridge, beet salad, and the occasional glass of wine…sometimes a half, (cough), whole bottle – is sent for due process in your gut. Here your intestinal wall has tissue with certain thinner areas that acts as a door.

This door opens up to welcome all the good stuff your body needs (nutrients, vitamins, etc), into your bloodstream – while everything bad (toxins and other harmful bacteria) is kept out. Think, VIP club where only a selected crowd gets in.

When you have a leaky gut the doorman has stopped caring about who enters and you end up with a bunch of underaged brats killing the vibe. The security level here is dependent on something called intestinal permeability.

This means how difficult it is for any substance to pass through your gut and into the bloodstream. When there’s a leak all the bad stuff sieves through the cracks and you may be left feeling down in your physical as well as your mental health. Essentially, it can be a shit show. Sometimes literally.

Still, leaky gut symptoms can be confusing because there’s a lot of opinions to be found online. The term leaky gut is sometimes offered up to the execution squad in parts of medical science, unwilling to label it as an actual condition to be diagnosed and treated. Even though the symptoms that many people experience are very real. Which if you’re here, we’re guessing you have some concerns in that department. Those who claim leaky gut as a disease say it may be the underlying cause of more serious conditions such as cancer and depression. We’d call that high stakes.

So what’s the beef?  

The main issue of disagreement is exactly the one thing that can be agreed upon. Intestinal permeability, (the ability to getting past your gut security). Now, intestinal permeability is a widely recognized symptom in many conditions such as celiac disease (aka death by gluten), diabetes or high intake of toxic substances such as alcohol and pharmaceutical drugs.  

While it has consistently been found as a present problem in these conditions, research is lacking to show the importance of dealing specifically with a leaky gut. Some medical professionals label it as a downright made-up myth while others acknowledge the need for more research linked to the connection of leaky gut as a chronic condition. Whether you believe it to be a symptom, disease or something else, your gut health does have very real consequences for your general wellbeing.

fulvic and humic acids for leaky gut

What you may experience if you have a leaky gut

Some of these gut given struggles are probably not all that unreal to you.

  • Stomach ache
  • Feeling bloated
  • Being overly sensitive to certain foods
  • Having general problems with your metabolism
  • Or even skin problems and feeling lower on energy than usual.

Sound familiar?

An imbalance in your gut health can make it difficult to go about your daily life. Following the symptoms above, the bacteria in your gut flora influence a lot of functions in your body. This is both your physical state and how good you feel. The balance is extremely complex.

A constant presence of harmful bacteria means your body is struggling through making everything work the way it should and in turn sends you signals to let you know something is off.

This can be everything from the symptoms we listed to problems you normally wouldn’t think was related to your gut.

Some of these could be mental exhaust, fatigue and even have your body turn on itself,  attacking your healthy cells. There’s even a study that suggests leaky gut could be related to brain functioning.

So, what’s the fix?

Often you’ll find suggestions to change your diet to fix these symptoms. This often includes getting rid of various food groups.

Sorry, you just lost your Friday pizza and Netflix.

This also involves advice on limiting recreational drugs and adding foods high in nutrients and vitamins that can help increase healthy bacteria. A healthy diet can no doubt go a long way for your wellbeing. But huge diet changes can be confusing and difficult to follow. So we’d suggest adding supplements to aid you in improving your gut health.

One popular supplement that has been suggested to have beneficial effects on your gut microbiome (healthy bacteria) are Probiotic supplements.

Probiotics are microorganisms that are believed to support good bacteria that can improve your gut health. Yet there are cases where these could be problematic for your health especially if your immune system is weakened already.

Instead, there is a way of gaining back a healthy balance in your gut that doesn’t require a Ph.D. in microbiome and intestines. These are fulvic acid supplements. One such is AEON that we’ll get to in the end or you can skip ahead.

Fulvic acid and why it works

fulvic acid is better than shilajit for leaky gut

Fulvic acid is created as nature breaks down plant and animal life through thousands of years into microscopic organisms.

These microorganisms are organized under the term humus in three categories.

  • Humins
  • Humic acid
  • Fulvic acid

These categories are decided by their solubility, (aka. ability to dissolve in water at different pH levels). This, in turn, decides their ability to be absorbed into the human body and that’s the exciting part.

Humins are unable to dissolve in water at any pH level. Humic acid can dissolve in water above a pH value of 7 and fulvic acid can dissolve in water at any pH value.

Summing up; this means fulvic acid has the ultimate criteria for affecting your body. Humic acid too but to a lesser degree while humins are of little concern to you.

It’s possible because fulvic acid rounds up the microorganisms decomposed much further than humins and humic acid.

Being the lightest of these three humic siblings it also packs the highest levels of nutrients and minerals with strong antioxidant compounds – and equally important, it has shed the toxic metals found in eg. Shilajit supplements.

This gives it the best ability for providing your gut with all the nutrients it needs to reach a healthy balance.

In fact, the far point of the decomposed natural goodness is the most interesting ability of fulvic acid.

Because it’s small enough to pass through your intestinal wall and enter your cells and bloodstream, even under healthy circumstances, is what makes them so powerful for improving your gut health.

These guys are YOUR VIP’s for a healthy gut.

Now, do I just go for a walk in the park and find some fulvic acid lying around?

fulvic acid supplement for leaky gut

Not exactly.

Fulvic acid can be found in various parts of nature and it’s normally extracted from so-called parent materials such as coal, water, and soil.Within these products of nature, there is the end result of broken down organic matter and because of this, the geographical location where it’s created affects how it turns out. 

This could suggest that the state of pollution and the condition of nature in different places around the world have an impact on the quality of fulvic acid. Fulvic acid has actually been attributed to great importance in other realms of life as well.

Specifically in relation to farming and soil fertility. Because of the process of broken down organic matter, humus binds nutrients that plants can access more easily. Hereby giving ‘life’ to the soil. As all living things not only plants require such an elixir of life. Humans too have significant benefits and needs for these nutrients. The way fulvic acids can improve your gut health is similar in some ways to probiotics since they carry various abilities to restore the fine balance in your gut.

But more so than adding to the base of healthy stomach bacteria, their specific molecular structure enables them to absorb into your body in ways that many other substances can not.

This power product of nature surely has the stomach to enter the depths of your system and provide important building blocks for your gut that lead to healthier and stronger gut health overall. Which would also give you fewer worries about enjoying your life. And that’s why we want to present a special fulvic and humic acid supplement.

AEON – a natural fulvic acid supplement that will fix your leaky gut and perhaps do even more

Now that you know about possibly the best solution nature has to offer for fixing up and improving your gut health, there’s a whole new world of fulvic acid supplements out there for you.

Some of these include the well-known supplement, Shilajit, which comes in many forms. We got it covered here.

Another and purer fulvic acid supplement is AEON.

While Shilajit has many health benefits too it is mainly because it contains parts of fulvic and humic acids. But since this fulvic goodness is the proof in the pudding here, we found a way to extract just that.

AEON is evolved from the knowledge of Shilajit. Since we’re boasting about finding a way to extract and purify fulvic acid we actually had people test it out to see if their gut health improved.

One of the people who tried the product was Pascal. He had suffered from stomach issues for a long time but hadn’t found any real solution to the problem. The trouble with digesting and feeling bloated was just some of the things he’d learned to live with. Unfortunately, it was getting to the point where it started impacting his general physical and mental state. In fact, he was considering quitting his job as a personal trainer and looking for other career ways just cause he couldn’t go on with a job that required good strength and extra energy.

Imagine that?! Having a leaky gut that might cost you your job and general wellbeing. Yikes. Needless to say, this guy was rather skeptical about getting any results from AEON.

Still, he was willing to give it a shot and this turned out that not only was he able to feel improvements on his leaky gut after a few days, but it eventually helped him overcome all the lasting symptoms he was struggling with.I t also aided him with some other health improvements and he’ll tell you about it here.

Best of all, he decided not to quit his job.

You can also read about Michelle who felt bloated and had issues with bowel movement and who has now incorporated AEON infused water in her daily routine with great results.

Emily, a well-versed user of different Shilajit products for several years. Now, after trying AEON she’s found even better results.

Even “The Rock’s” body double uses AEON as a supplement to get the best results from his workouts and stay energized and sharp.

Check them all out in our review section.

What’s different about AEON?


Adding this supplement to your diet can go a long way of improving your gut flora and promote those healthy bacteria that is your line of defense to stomach what life throws at you. While Shilajit and other fulvic acid supplements have become popular natural holistic remedies, AEON is different from these in distinct ways.  

  • It’s purified fulvic and humic acids
  • No toxic heavy metals like mercury, lead or arsenic
  • 100 % Canadian nature

While AEON contains the same beneficial nutrients and minerals found in Shilajit, it has gone through further evolution.

Instead of including a myriad of other substances, it has been purified to focus only on the active fulvic and humic acid which is the stuff in Shilajit, that works. This means you don’t have to worry about the harmful toxins found in some Shilajit products.

It is sourced, extracted and produced in Canada. This is important because Canada has a vast wilderness. In fact, it’s one of the few places left in the world who has nature, untouched by our human waste and chemicals. This means the slow process of organic decomposing that becomes fulvic acid, is the purest we can imagine.

Sure, if you live a lifestyle of fast food, smoking, and nonstop couch-potato-Netflixing – AEON won’t act as a miracle drink that’s gonna rinse out all the bad stuff from your body. All we’re saying is you don’t have to become a Buddhist monk to see improvements. Regardless of lifestyle, all of us are gonna be exposed to some harmful substances from time to time. You gotta live a little too, right?!

Adding a fulvic acid supplement like AEON will go great lengths for filtering out the nasty stuff and keep up a natural gut defense that will help you feel better – and less on edge with a strict diet. 

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Aeon fulvic acid supplement

AEON - 100% Natural Fulvic & Humic acids

AEON is the evolution of Shilajit, an ancient Ayurvedic medicine used for thousands of years for its vast health benefits and longevity properties. 

  • improve gut health by improving microbiome and helping heal leaky gut
  • optimize immune system by providing natural trace minerals and other vital nutrients lacking in todays modern diet
  • reduce inflammation in joints, organs and muscles through strong anti-oxidant properties and detoxification action  
  • increase energy by balancing pH and electrolytes

Science has identified that Shilajit is a source of Fulvic and Humic Acids, which are it’s active ingredients and why it works. 

They are Nature’s organic super nutrients that nourish and detoxify your body and mind. AEON is 100% Canadian sourced, extracted and purified Fulvic and Humic acids


Pascal T
Pascal T
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"Heard about Aeon from friend of mine, told me that I could healed my leaky gut and get rid of my daily heartburn. After a week or so, I could feel my heartburn go away, the bloating and stomachache also. But I got way more than that. Overall guys, this stuff is 11/10 in my book. Gave me my life back. No more pain and I’m feeling 25years old."
Olivia N
Olivia N
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"My life is busy and I don’t have a lot of time to juggle a million supplements. I just want something that works and is easy to take".
Eddie P
Eddie P
Read More
"I am a bodybuilder, actor, busy dad and stunt double for actors such as Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. I have to be healthy, energetic and in shape all year around and AEON has been my secret weapon for success."
Michelle Anapen
Michelle Anapen
Read More
"AEON is life changing and gut changing for me! I have been struggling constantly with my bloating issues and bowel movement. And being a female, this can create such negative impact in my head and overall body positivity. When I started taking AEON, within 24 hours to 48 hours of taking it, I have less to little bloating episodes, I feel leaner overall especially in my stomach area, and my bowel movement is more regular. Also, the absorption of my supplements is more noticeable during my workout sessions because of my healthier gut flora. AEON has been part of our daily routine, and recently, I have been sipping AEON infuse water during my shift at work. I can't do without it. It is a must in our household."
Susy Wells
Susy Wells
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"I am an active person and my diet and lifestyle are great. Unfortunately we are chronically exposed to environmental toxins which can cause health and digestive issues. I use AEON everyday to help my stomach, immune system and energy levels. I love it and recommend it to anyone looking to stay healthy and active!"
Thiago Angelon
Thiago Angelon@Thiagoangelon
Read More
"I had a intestine health issue that used to cause me fatigue, restless sensation, brain fog low energy and low brain function. And the connection brain intestine is so strong and real. So I started drinking AEON and I’ve been experiencing the benefits of it in a short period of time. Now I feel more energy, I’m able to be more focused, my intestine is much better and also my brain in general is functioning great. My whole body health is much better now. I’m able to do my daily activities and trainings and much better performance and quality! Thank you AEON"

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