Shilajit: 9 Researched Benefits and 3 Stunning Insights On Diseases [UPDATED July 2021]

Shilajit: 9 Researched Benefits and 3 Stunning Insights On Diseases [UPDATED July 2021]

In this article, we will demystify Shilajit and its benefits for you while exploring how it can improve your lifestyle and overall health - and also where it may fall short.

The Shilajit Tour

In this article, we will demystify Shilajit and its benefits for you while exploring how it can improve your lifestyle and overall health – and also where it may fall short and how AEON fulvic acid supplement may be a better fit for you.

Plus we’ll share some extra insights on how Shilajit benefits or even fight off tough lifestyle diseases. Skip straight to this part.

Let’s begin

To explain what Shilajit is we have to start in the elevated mountains of the mighty Himalayas.

The roof of the world where little to no impact from human life has left mother nature in all her vigor to break down plant life and vegetation for thousands of years.

Creating this natural wonder is no easy task. It takes estimated hundreds of years to get through one cycle of breaking down all the natural minerals and nutrients into what eventually becomes, Shilajit – and this circle of life has been going on for millennia.

To extract Shilajit you need to climb all the way for altitudes up to 3200-5000 ft, (or about 1000-1500 meters).

Today, Shilajit may also be found in mountains and regions outside the Himalayas, (eg. the Andes and Ural mountain ranges).

The result of this refined and slow process is a tar-like substance that looks blackish-brown and contains a huge variation of minerals and natural acids.

How It’s Been Used Before

Shilajit is used in the practice of ancient Indian holistic medicine, since over 3000 years ago.

This is mainly referred to as “Ayurveda” (ai-yr-vei-duh).

This holistic approach to medicine takes a wholesome account of the entire body and brings in diet and lifestyle in general along with any natural remedies.

Not only that, but it includes and understands the energies and forces that interact with humans in the world and the universe

In Ayurvedic medicine, Shilajit is used as a ‘Rasayana’ (ruh-say-ana) or ‘rejuvenator’ and is believed to provide longevity and healthier lives, mainly subscribed to its strong anti-aging abilities.

Most important in Ayurvedic medicine is that your body is deeply connected to the natural elements of the universe.

Because of this, Shilajit use has been very popular as it’s made up of various compounds broken down by nature.  

What’s Inside That’s So Good For Your Health?

Shilajit is packed with natural minerals and acids which can act as healthy diet supplements, but far from all are represented in equally valuable amounts. (Jump to the 9 benefits).

As an example, some essential trace minerals inside, (you probably already know about these), are Zinc, Magnesium, and Potassium. 

These are vital to your general health and would often come from other supplements and in your general diet. 

According to Healthline, grown adults need about 3500-4700 mg of Potassium, 350-360 mg of Magnesium and 8-11 mg of Zinc as a daily intake. 

While these trace minerals do exist in Shilajit, in short, that’s just a small part of the blend.

This natural mixture is about 80-85 % Humic substances, (aka the breaking down of organic nutritious wonder mentioned earlier), of which the main part are the powerful antioxidants called fulvic acids, (60-80%).

The remaining blend is shared by humic acids, a variety of 84 minerals (like the ones above), fatty acids, and amino acids. 

While all these goodies can tweak health and body function, the main component by far is fulvic acids and these are of key importance for the health benefits attributed to this supplement.

Fulvic Acids (Quick Rundown)

Basically, fulvic acids are the Cadillac of broken down humic substances.

The reason being, that they are linked to positive influencers on;

  • your general immune system, 
  • having a balanced stomach,
  • oxidative stress (which can provoke a variety of serious diseases).

They’ve even been known to attack some types of cancer. 

These super soldier acids are small enough in their molecular structure to enter your cells. Whereas humic acids act more to supercharge the trace minerals that are so valuable for your overall health but can not get into your cells like the fulvic acids.

So the two in combination have a partnership aimed specifically for your wellbeing.

You could say that humic acids are your group of close friends looking for a great time out, while fulvic acids are the ride there, the music, the bar and everything that’s gonna make you have fun.

The main credit given to the benefits of Shilajit is therefore primarily the function of fulvic and humic acids.

This point appears, especially when you want to enhance your overall wellbeing with a supplement such as Shilajit.

Back in the day, we would’ve normally gotten many or all of these nutrients through our regular diet. The problem is that you mostly don’t find these nutritious supplements in your normal food intake anymore. Or at least not as easily.  

This is due to lesser varied diets and general exhausted farming soil that lowers these values in our food.

However, you can get an extracted concentrated booster, such as Shilajit, to support your body’s wellbeing.    

How To Take Shilajit

There are many ways to take Shilajit, from powder to it’s purer tar-like form. 

Some funny and slightly strange ways that Shilajit reacts is that its solid rock-like form becomes soft when heated or warmed by your hands and will even dissolve in water.

It packs a bitter taste and a pungent smell, like cow urine. Yes, you heard us and no, we’re not joking.

The recommended dose is a maximum of 300-500 mg a day as it moves very slowly through your body’s metabolism.

Though, note a few things to be aware of when taking Shilajit.

Some studies found that taking Shilajit could involve side effects of health risks since it also contains heavy metals including lead, mercury, and arsenic.

These are incredibly toxic to the human body and because of this, Shilajit would have to undergo a ‘purification process’ in order to get a safe-to-use product. 

9 Researched Health Benefits

If you read this far you should have uncovered the mystery of what makes up this supplement and we can get to what you’re really interested in. The actual benefits of Shilajit.

More energy

With everything that’s going on today from constantly checking up on social media to crushing your workout, your daily energy is a limited resource.

According to the National Safety Council 97 % of Americans have at least one risk factor for tiring out.

Shilajit may actually help increase overall energy levels by modifying cell functions in your body that affects fatigue.

Stimulate Your Brain

One of the most important, and perhaps sometimes overlooked things, for overall health is our mental toughness.

Shilajit contains important trace minerals that are crucial for your brain to thrive. The rare combination can act as a memory enhancer and increase learning retention. 

This is particularly fascinating since as we get older, paired with other factors like stress, we know this makes our brains slower and less aware.

Due to the complex design of Shilajit, it may be able to fight or slow down that process. 

Basically, prolonging and improving your overall cognitive health. All from completely naturally broken down elements.

There is one more specifically potent insight about this when it comes to your brain function which we’ll get to by the end.

Enhance Performance

For those looking to pump up your workouts both in- and outside the bedroom. Or simply better general strengthening and recovery, Shilajit could be a great option. 

The iron-rich substance can act as a major booster for red blood cells that transport oxygen around your body. 

It may also be able to help increase muscle mass and strength in people that are already physically active.

Studies found that taken as a supplement while working out actually increased results of the Harvard Step Test after adding it as a daily intake for only 15 days. 

Fertility and Virility

Following performance enhancement, there are also hormonal benefits to be gained. 

In fact, men taking a purified version of Shilajit experienced increased levels of testosterone, which is directly linked to virility a higher sperm count as well. 

Women taking the supplement may also experience a positive boost in their fertility and increasing ovulation.


Inner balance is key in Ayurvedic medicine to promote human health and increase physical strength.

Yet, stress is an ever-present battle for many people in today’s society.

According to WebMD 70% of Americans experience physical and emotional symptoms from stress.    

Natural Shilajit can reduce such symptoms since it has as strong positive effects on anxiety and other stress-related indicators, similar to mainstream medicines like diazepam.

Metabolism and Skin Health

The packed riches of antioxidants in Shilajit, which include vitamins A, C, E and many more, are required building blocks for both inner and outer beauty.

Think blueberries and broccoli on steroids. Except it’s all hundreds of years of natural reduction.

These brave soldiers of nature fight against cell damage and free radicals to keep a perfect inner balance as well as help the frequent regeneration of your skin. 

You may feel less constipated and gain better control of your blood pressure. As well, your skin looks more smooth, less wrinkly and is, in turn, more elastic and youthful.  

Pain and Inflammation

Ayurveda medicine has since its beginning put special focus on the stomach as a center of balance in your body, and believed causes to painful and swollen joints were linked around this.

Thousands of years later modern medicine is also finding stomach disorders to be an essential immune system part of swollen joints and pain. 

Particularly, people suffering from arthritis were found to experience a significant reduction in pain from inflamed joints, when using Shilajit.

Because of this, Shilajit may be used and as a valuable anti-inflammatory substitute rather than chemical mainstream medicine such as ibuprofen or steroid-based drugs.

3 Stunning Effects On Life Diseases

Alzheimer’s Disease

Now, our extra insight into brain function and one of the major reasons this ancient remedy has been used over 3000 years in Ayurveda medicine is, its believed rejuvenating powers.

Some aspects of these antiaging compounds cannot be completely refuted by science – although some have tried.

The strong antioxidant fulvic acids have incredible effects on some of the cognitive stimuli in the brain and slow down many disorders that come with aging.

This is especially in relation to Alzheimer’s disease.

Fulvic acids have a certain finesse where they defend and block out the accumulation of tau protein. This is remarkable because a high build-up of tau protein is connected with damages to cognitive functions of the brain and is a huge medical challenge for battling Alzheimer’s disease.

As if that wasn’t enough, general protection against damaged cells is yet another attribute of fulvic acids found in pure Shilajit. This can aid against toxic free radicals such as lead and mercury.  

But only a purified extraction would provide such effects and unfortunately, Shilajit products have been found to, fall short in undergoing this process.


As the 7th leading cause of death in the U.S., you may be at risk of getting diabetes.

If you’re suffering from diabetes or know someone who does there could be a possible natural way of handling this life-disease.

In Ayurveda, Shilajit is also used to treat diabetes. While there are no broad conclusive studies in modern science there is evidence of its abilities to control levels of blood sugar. 

Since a big issue in treating and keeping diabetes under control is related to one’s blood sugar, Ayurvedic medicine has used Shilajit extensively throughout their ancient practice.

As more studies move forward on the potential unique benefits there may be groundbreaking discoveries to be made here.    

Immune System

While your immune system is not exactly a disease it does generally influence your risk of attracting them.

The powerful fulvic and humic acids can have an incredible impact on your immune system. 

In fact, white blood cell activity has been found to increase when taking Shilajit extract.

White blood cells are perhaps commonly known by athletes or generally in sports to improve your explosive movements. 

Even more impressive, these guys are the main defenders of your immune system. It’s what keeps your body protected and prepared against the daily exposure of various hostile bacteria and viruses.

What’s really interesting is that your general health and immune shield is tested every single day.

You know those people who often carry a cold and those who seem to never be affected?

We all do, and the side we’d rather be on goes without saying.

Actually, using Shilajit supplements has also been shown to generally build disease resistance. So, there’s something for you to consider.

Should You Get Shilajit Now or What? 

There is undoubtedly a demand for more studies to define the benefits and effects of Shilajit.

Still, the actual health benefits of Shilajit that we covered here can mainly be subscribed to the presence of specifically fulvic acids as well as humic acids.

Some of these desired effects can be found in pure Himalayan Shilajit.

Although, some products fall short on extracting the main benefits and leaving out the dangerous free radicals like lead and mercury.

Instead, getting to a product that isolates these powerful factors found through centuries of the vigorous breaking down of nature, could serve as an even stronger health supplement. 

To find newly discovered supplements that are safe and pack the power of what only true nature can create, (and actually excel in areas where Shilajit falls short) – there’s a quick look here.

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