Shilajit – The natural remedy that is taking over Hollywood’s health secrets

Shilajit – The natural remedy that is taking over Hollywood’s health secrets

While many health products come and go like the wind, [remember apple cider vinegar and sunscreen pills?!], some have stood the test of time and have been around for centuries while staying relatively unknown to the western part of the world.

You’d be surprised to know that the most trending star crushing it in Hollywood isn’t actually a person. Instead, an ancient supplement has just been rediscovered by health-conscious star celebs and the secrets are being passed around inside their elite inner circles.

We’re talking about the secrets of Ayurveda – a spiritual and holistic way of looking at health that is deeply rooted in the world’s oldest practices of balancing the body and mind.

This intriguing ancient knowledge is now getting picked up on the radar by an increasing list of prominent top celebrities. 

While many health products come and go like the wind, [remember apple cider vinegar and sunscreen pills?!], some have stood the test of time and have been around for centuries while staying relatively unknown to the western part of the world.

Meet Shilajit. This ancient health tonic was first used thousands of years ago by specialists at the birthplace of its discovery, India. Here they refer to it as “The Destroyer of Weakness”, and use it extensively to heal the body and mind.

The supplement is now acing the hard test of chic and woke Hollywood stars.

In fact, it is considered by many health experts as the ‘cure-all’ of Health & Wellness. 

The new star, Shilajit, is packed with active organic ingredients – fulvic and humic acids. At first glance, the raw product is a tar-like substance that’s like something out of a Tarantino sci-fi movie. Yet, it comes in many forms to be more easily consumed in your food and drinks.

Top starlet Gwyneth Paltrow aka ‘Goop’ has included Shilajit into her life by adding it in her morning smoothies.

One of her suppliers, Amanda Chantal Bacon, said it will have you go from feeling low to jumping on Oprah’s couch like Tom Cruise.

Paltrow is well known for her more natural approach to food and cosmetics and her website lists this as magic for her glowing beauty and health.

As a whole-body remedy, it’s a natural alternative plentiful with health benefits such as helping you look and feel younger – discarding fillers and complicated diets.

It is easy to understand why it is trending in many elite circles, particularly in Hollywood, and Paltrow is not the only top celeb using the powerful substance.

Many of Hollywood’s top listers are using Shilajit in their daily routines as a supplement to balance their modern lifestyle and to stay fit and healthy throughout their many roles.

The Simpsons’ famous tv show creator, Matt Groening, and his wife Augustina Picasso are avid users of Shilajit. When Augustina was pregnant with their twin girls, she used the Ayurvedic supplement every day. This resulted in awe and recognition from doctors, the day her girls were born. They were very impressed with the health and strength of the newborn babies. 

The increasing group of celebrities who are subscribing to find more natural ways of healing and balancing out their wellbeing include; Big Little Lies Shailene Woodley and Zoë Kravitz, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo’s Rooney Mara, and The Notebook’s Rachel McAdams. 

The potent rejuvenation, longevity and detoxification effects that is being rediscovered by all these stars, come from the organic acids inside Shilajit that are like the hidden gems of the elixir and why it works. 

Since the introduction to the western world, this miracle of nature presents itself in many shapes and sizes. In some Hollywood circles, they may often refer to Shilajit as “Moon Dust”.

This dreamy phrase is essentially another majestic praise that Himalayan star, Shilajit, has acquired here in the west. If you look to its origin of the majestic Himalayas you’ll find it has different names there such as ‘Conqueror of mountains’ or ‘The rejuvenator’ for everlasting youthful vigor.

Back in California, Moon Dust was first introduced by a company called Moon Juice. A popular juice bar in LA, who coined the term. 

The owner and couch jumper, Amanda, specializes in alternative plant-based medicines and supplements that have been trending and Moon Juice has become a favorite hangout of the Hollywood set.

Working with an herbalist trained in traditional Eastern medicine, Amanda added Shilajit to their drinks because they believe it will “work synergistically at the deepest levels to heal and enhance” the body, mind, and soul. 

The secret is now out. The popularity of this ancient supplement that was once closed off to western understanding, is making serious waves in natural beauty and wellness.

Numerous coffee shops and restaurants have starting to add Shilajit to their menus. Cafe Gratitude in Los Angeles has added the Immortal Ayurvedic Latte which has Shilajit as a major ingredient. LifeFood Organic in Hollywood and Santa Monica are adding Shilajit to their immune-boosting hot chocolate. 

So do you need to be a celebrity, member of the inner circle, or stacked with cash to unlock the deep potentials of natural health?

Not necessarily. The good news is – you don’t have to be rich, a celebrity or even live in Hollywood to enjoy the benefits of Shilajit.

It is now available directly to your door in a concentrated and purified fulvic and humic acid supplement called AEON

What gives AEON an edge is that it is sourced in Canada near the pristine Rocky Mountains. AEON then undergoes a patented 2-stage process to remove any potential toxins and to improve its bioavailability.  

Unlike Shilajit which is sourced from foreign deposits that do not have a high level of quality control. 

In short, AEON is the evolution of Shilajit. An evolved version of this ancient supplement to fit a modern routine and lifestyle.

It is 30x more potent and has none of the downsides of Shilajit like the strange taste, gooey consistency, and icky smell. AEON mixes easily and has a light peppermint taste.

Find out what the buzz in Hollywood is all about here


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Aeon fulvic acid supplement

AEON - 100% Natural Fulvic & Humic acids

AEON is the evolution of Shilajit, an ancient Ayurvedic medicine used for thousands of years for its vast health benefits and longevity properties. 

  • improve gut health by improving microbiome and helping heal leaky gut
  • optimize immune system by providing natural trace minerals and other vital nutrients lacking in todays modern diet
  • reduce inflammation in joints, organs and muscles through strong anti-oxidant properties and detoxification action  
  • increase energy by balancing pH and electrolytes

Science has identified that Shilajit is a source of Fulvic and Humic Acids, which are it’s active ingredients and why it works. 

They are Nature’s organic super nutrients that nourish and detoxify your body and mind. AEON is 100% Canadian sourced, extracted and purified Fulvic and Humic acids


Pascal T
Pascal T
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Olivia N
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Eddie P
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Michelle Anapen
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Susy Wells
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Thiago Angelon
Thiago Angelon@Thiagoangelon
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