Sleep a Little Easier with These Tips

Sleep a Little Easier with These Tips

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Once you make these simple changes to your routine, there can be a great impact on your quality of sleep.

It’s the morning. Your alarm goes off. The first thing you think of is “just 10 more minutes.” You press snooze every ten minutes, and then the next thing you know, you’re late. Lots of people go through the same thing every morning. 

Here are some ways to prevent that:

Go to bed earlier.

Yes I know, this seems like such an obvious answer. That’s why it’s first on the list. Get to sleep earlier. This can help you squeeze in those extra few moments of shut eye you desperately need every night.

Chill out!

For the last two hours of your day before bedtime, just chill out! This means don’t go do strenuous exercise, don’t run errands, don’t eat big meals, don’t get into heated arguments on twitter; in fact, stay off the internet completely if you can. Opt for some light yoga, a book, comfy clothes, or some relaxing music.

Chill out, like, the other way.

You can easily become sweaty and uncomfortable in a hot room. The best temperature to sleep in is slightly cool. This temperature helps signal the body that it’s time to slow down and go to sleep. If you like to sleep warm, grab an extra blanket so that way you can peel off a layer if you get too hot.

Pass on the booze.

Alcohol may help you fall asleep initially, but your sleep will be significantly less restful. Too much alcohol and you’ll wake up dehydrated with a hangover. No fun. Choose a chillaxing drink like chamomile or mint tea, nothing caffeinated. 

Change up your bed.

A lumpy mattress or pillows can make it harder to get comfortable and fall asleep. Pick up some new comfy and fluffy ones for a wonderful sleep. 

Watch what you eat.

Foods high in simple sugars like bread, candy, or sweet drinks, can disrupt sleep. If you’re hungry, opt for a fibre filled banana or unsweetened oatmeal. This will keep you fuller for longer and will help you sleep better.

Turn out the lights.

Cover up that one flickering light on your power bar with some tape. Light can interrupt sleep, as it disrupts our circadian rhythms and can make our brains think it’s day time. If you really can’t shut off the lights, grab a sleep mask to plunge yourself into total darkness.

Get out of bed.

If you toss and turn for what feels like hours, get out of your bedroom. Your brain won’t associate your room with relaxation, which will just make it harder and harder to fall asleep. Wander over to the living room and read a book or listen to music. Don’t use this as a chance to catch up on emails or scroll through Instagram, but use it as a chance to relax. When you feel tired enough, head back to bed.

Don’t nap.

Too late or too long, that is. Take your nap before 4 pm. If you nap too late in the day can sabotage your sleep for the evening. Take naps that are shorter than an hour as well. This will make sure you get enough sleep at night.

Try natural herbs and supplements.

Natural herbs and supplements have been used successfully for centuries to help sleep. 

These are some of the top natural sleep aids:

Chamomile – The dried flowers of chamomile contain many terpenoids and flavonoids contributing to its medicinal properties 

LavenderResearchers monitored sleep cycles with brain scans and found that lavender increased slow-wave sleep, instrumental for slowing heartbeat and relaxing muscles. Subjects slept more soundly on a lavender night.

Valerian rootan herb that may help improve sleep, promote relaxation and reduce anxiety. It appears to be safe and non-habit forming when taken at the recommended dosage. In some cases, it may be able to replace benzodiazepines and similar drugs

Melatonina natural hormone that the brain releases in response to changes in light. It helps regulate the body’s internal clock, signaling that it is time to go to sleep. Melatonin supplements may help with a wide range of sleep issues, including insomnia, shift work sleep disorder, and sleep problems in children

Humic and Fulvic acidClinically, many patients report better daytime energy and better sleep once starting fulvic and humic acid as a supplement. This could be because fulvic acid helps the body absorb important nutrients and oxygenates cells as well as modulating the very important circadian rhythm – your body’s natural clock. This supplement has been trending heavily in ayurvedic and holistic circles. 

Once you make these simple changes to your routine, there can be a great impact on your quality of sleep. 


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