Therapeutic Potential of Fulvic and Humic acids for COVID-19 [UPDATED: Aug. 2023]


Therapeutic Potential of Fulvic and Humic acids for COVID-19 [UPDATED: Aug. 2023]


Therapeutic Potential of Fulvic and Humic acids for COVID-19 

Vaccines and Boosters

More than ever people are looking for an edge with their health and immune systems. It is the general consensus from the medical community that vaccination and boosters provide the best overall protection from COVID-19. That doesn’t mean you should stop there. Many people are looking for an extra boost with their immunity and this is where Fulvic (FA) and Humic (HA) acids come in. They have been scientifically studied and well documented to provide health benefits beyond vaccination. In fact these miraculous organic acids have been studied in modern medicine for almost 200 years!

This whitepaper is to discuss the therapeutic potential of fulvic and humic acids in relation to viruses such as COVID-19. 

What are Humic and fulvic acids?

Humic (HA) and Fulivc acids (FA) are natural compounds found in nutrient dense layers of the earth. They are comprised of a complex mineral, vitamin and amino acid structure that makes them naturally bioavailable to the human body. FA and HA has a strong negative ionic charge which act like magnets to heavy metals and toxins.

Humic acids were first extracted from peat bogs in Germany by Achard in 1786. They were then extracted from plant matter by Vauquelin in 1797, and then later from soils by many other investigators. Researchers de Saussure and Döbereiner began medical studies of humic acids in 1804 and 1822, respectively.

They have been used for thousands of years by Ayurvedic and ancient Chinese medicine healers for many ailments. Sherpas and “medicine men” in the Himalayas use it in the more crude form called “Shilajit” for altitude sickness and general physical weakness. FA and HA have been used extensively by the former USSR space teams and athletic teams for their ability to increase immunity and performance. In modern day they have been clinically used for many applications with great success and the pharmaceutical industry has been attempting to synthesize it in a lab with no avail, hence naturally derived HA and FA are the only true forms that have been shown to have benefit.

Dr. Amita Fotedar, from Wellington, New Zealand, is a research scientist with a PhD in Environmental Sciences and works with the United Nations Development Programme in a Global Energy Project. She has researched and developed a detailed whitepaper on Fulivc and Humic Acids that can found here:


Main Methods of action

HA and FA have several potential methods of action for the potential treatment of COVID-19 as well as the potential treatment for vaccination injuries and toxicities. Through a combination of centuries of historical use, anecdotal reports as well as thousands of validated scientific clinical studies, one can infer HA and FAs have legitimate potential use cases. Many recent and ongoing scientific studies on HA and FA efficacy with viral infections and redox/detox capacities are showing excellent potential. 

12 of the most common benefits of FA and HA can be found here with references:


Immune System Modulation and anti-inflammatory effects

80% of our immune system cells are located in the gut. Our microbiome is a critical defence to fend off viral, fungal and bacterial infections. The microbiome can be weakened through various factors such as: antibiotic use/overuse, pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines, EMF exposure, improper diet, etc. Once the microbiome is compromised, then pathogenic processes can take hold. This will also lead to increased inflammation and may cause other “secondary” conditions and diseases such as diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), neurological disorders (Alzheimer’s) and a large list of other inflammatory conditions.

Studies can be found here:



Increasing oxygen saturation

Shilajit is a crude form of fulvic acid (FA) and improves the body’s ability to handle high altitudinal stresses and stimulates the immune system. Shilajit has been given as a supplement to people ascending to high-altitude areas to help to overcome high-altitude related problems such as hypoxia, acute mountain sickness, high altitude cerebral edema, pulmonary edema, insomnia, tiredness, lethargy, lack of appetite, body pain, dementia, and depression. Sherpas and medicine men in the high altitude Himalayan Mountains have been using FA containing Shilajit for centuries for various illness as well as for general vitality and energy.

FA studies on altitude sickness and oxygen utilization:


Heavy metal chelation and Graphene Oxide

HA and FAs have a powerful natural negative ionic charge which allows them to act like magnets to heavy metals such as lead and mercury. This mechanism has been studied extensively with graphene oxide particles (GO) as well. Graphene has a high affinity to FA and HA and is easily attracted by these natural compounds through a strong polar interaction.

Graphene Oxide and FA specific scientific abstracts can be found here:




EMF and radioactive protection

Electro magnetic frequencies (EMFs) have been studied as potential causes of various illness and even viral pandemics. Over the 150 years there has been a direct correlation between the exposure of new electromagnetic fields to biological systems and viral outbreaks and illnesses. In late 1917 the world was exposed to a new EMF through the advent of radio waves. In 1918 there was an outbreak of the Spanish Flu. In WWII, RADAR was introduced and more viral outbreaks followed. In 1955 microwave ovens were introduced to the consumer market and the spike in cancers followed. In 1968 satellites were introduced to the Van Allen Belt, a zone of energetic charged particles, most of which originate from the solar wind, that are captured by and held around a planet by that planet’s magnetosphere. Subsequently there was an outbreak of the Hong Kong Flu. Fast forward to today with wifi, Bluetooth and now 5g. These EMFs have been theorized to be linked to more illnesses and possibly causes or catalysts to newer illnesses such as COVID-19. These theories need more investigation and are not yet conclusive, so for now they remain speculation.

Articles, videos and studies can be found here:




Binding affinity to the ACE 2 receptors

There have been a lot of theories as to the effects of S1 spike proteins and its potential detrimental effects on the ACE 2 receptors of the organs. ACE2 receptors can be found in all major organs of the body such as the lungs, heart, brain and liver. These spike proteins act like activation keys in the receptors. Over activation may lead to inflammatory responses in the body and if left over stimulated, can potentially cause a system inflammatory response called a “cykotine storm”. These spike proteins are manufactured in vaccinated humans via mRNA manipulation and signalling via a vaccine. Recent studies have demonstrated that the spike proteins may be manufactured much longer than originally engineered for and anticipated.

There has also been evidence that these spike proteins are actually prions which are infectious proteins that can be shed from the vaccinated to the unvaccinated. There is evidence that the COVID-19 virus also attaches to these same ACE 2 receptors potentially causing harm if left unregulated.

A recent study “Interaction of Drug Candidates with Various SARS-CoV-2 Receptors: An in Silico Study to Combat COVID-19” shows promise that fulvic acid has a strong binding affinity to spike proteins and ACE 2 receptors. FA was the only ligand based natural supplement that showed promise and was studied as a candidate for multi-target therapeutics for Covid-19 along with more common drugs such as hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin as well as Metaquine and Saquinavir. Merck is currently releasing derivatives of these drugs. What stood out the most in this group was Fulvic Acid, with a result of binding energy equal to −7 kcal/mol which is similar to the drug counterparts.

Study can be found here:



If you are looking for additional immune system support beyond vaccines and boosters, Fulvic and Humic acids could be your answer. They have been studied since the dawn of modern medicine and have hundreds of scientifically validated studies, yet they remain one of the best kept “secrets” in the supplement world. This won’t be for long however as Google analytics show a massive uptick in searches for HA and FA and they will soon become a household name and staple just like probiotics, vitamin C, collagen and protein powders. Also a good diet, being active, reducing stress, getting fresh air, drinking clean water and staying hydrated with a basic supplement protocol of vitamin A, C and D with zinc have all been shown to also help you stay healthy for years to come.

For more research, an extensive list of scientific studies on FA and HA can be found here:



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