7 Things To Look For When Shopping For The Best Fulvic Acid Supplement [UPDATED: Jan. 2023]


7 Things To Look For When Shopping For The Best Fulvic Acid Supplement [UPDATED: Jan. 2023]

best fulvic acid supplement shopping tips

7 Top Things To Look For When Shopping For The Best Fulvic Acid Supplement [UPDATED: Jan. 2023]

Many of you reading this article already understand the multitude of benefits that fulvic acid can provide. Start here if you are new to fulvic acid. There are thousands of scientific studies that validate its efficacy and some can be found here.

This article will focus on the top 7 most important things to look for when shopping for the best fulvic acid supplement.

Fulvic Acid Source Deposit

The source deposit is one of the most critical elements of a quality and effective fulvic acid product as this cannot be replicated. Each deposit is unique in their nutrient profile and density as well as purity. Much like terroir with wines, the particular region’s climate, soils and aspect (terrain) affect the quality of the final product.

Deposits of the raw materials can be found world-wide. The best deposits are found in unpopulated mountainous regions that have a nutrient rich runoff from lakes, rivers and streams. Some of the most well known deposits around the world can be found in Canada, Hungary and the Himalayas. Since fulvic acid cannot be synthesized in a lab, it is important to choose a product that starts from a good quality source deposit.

Fulvic Acid Extraction and Purification Methods

Many lower grade fulvic acid products use a chemical extraction. The conventional extraction method for FA and HA is alkali dissolution and acid precipitation or extracted from shallow low-rank lignite by hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) in a microwave field. These two methods generally have a higher yield at the expense of a lower quality final product. The best quality fulvic acids are produced via water extraction method. This is a more costly and intensive process with less yield, but the quality is exponentially higher than its chemically extracted counterparts.

Human Grade vs AG Grade Fulvic Acid (agricultural)

For decades fulvic acid has been extensively used for humans, livestock and plants. It has been proven safe and effective for most living things. Livestock becomes more resistant to illnesses, plants grow healthier, more nutrient dense and have larger yields and humans benefit from its high antioxidant qualities and abundance of nutrients not found in our everyday foods. Because of fulvic acid’s range uses there are many different grades available. Some inferior products are simply AG grade sold as human grade or they begin with AG grade raw materials and go through only minor processing. Look for a fulvic acid products that are engineered for human use from the start.

Dedicated Fulvic Acid Lab vs Generic “white label” Brands

Many fulvic acid products are simply re-packaged generic fulvic acid from a central supplier. Many of these products are derived from China where low grade fulvic acid is abundant and cheap. When tested, these lower end products may contain toxic byproducts and high amounts of heavy metals due to chemical processing and little to no purification. These companies usually do not focus on ongoing research and development of fulvic acids and simply buy bulk and “white-label” them with their own brand. Quality control and assurance generally is of little importance to these companies.

The best fulvic acid products come from a dedicated lab or company that only makes fulvic acid products. This specialization generally produces a much higher quality end product as they focus only on producing only the best fulvic acid to bring to market. These can be a little more expensive, but the end product is exponentially better.

Concentration and Potency

Fulvic acid can be refined on very many levels resulting in many different concentrations, nutrient profiles and purities. Some of the most common products recommend up to 2500mg per dose. This high dose is usually indicative of a lower end and less refined product. Many of the higher quality and more refined fulvic acid products suggest a dose between 100mg-400mg depending on the brand. These are generally made with the most pure and nutrient dense materials. The most premium products will even go further and utilize nano-technology and elaborate filtration processes. These products only use the most biologically active and smallest particles of fulvic to allow for efficient and complete assimilation in your body and into your cells.

Fulvic Acid Solubility

Many fulvic acid products are not readily soluble in water. They sometimes it just float on top or just don’t mix very well. Solubility is important for a few reasons. Firstly, a more soluble fulvic acid allows it to mix easily into any drink which makes it more convenient. Secondly, high solubility is an indicator of a more refined fulvic acid, as to create a truly soluble product it must go through more stages of purification and filtration. Lastly, the more soluble the fulvic acid, the more readily bioavailable it tends to be. Since your body is about 80% water the hydrophilic nature of a soluble fulvic acid allows the nutrients to penetrate the cells more efficiently.


Many fulvic acid mineral products can have a very “earthy” taste. This is usually comes from less purified raw materials. Premium fulvic acid products generally have a neutral to zero taste. These can be mixed straight into water or any beverage allow it to be consumed easily.

Looking for the best fulvic acid supplement? Look no further than AEON Unique Biome! Our product checks all the boxes with The Top 7 Things You Should Look For in a high-quality fulvic acid supplement. We start with a pure, organic source deposit near The Canadian Rocky Mountains and use a water extraction method for maximum purity and potency. Our product is human grade, lab-tested, and engineered for optimal bioavailability. Our fulvic acid is highly soluble and has a neutral taste, making it easy to incorporate into your daily routine. Choose AEON Unique Biome for the best fulvic acid supplement on the market.

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