A Guide to Optimum Gut Health: The Complete Manual

Discover what’s causing your gut problems and find easy ways to relief.

Our 4 week Gut Health Guide with Tracking Diary will help you identify your gut health issues and rebalance your body to it’s optimal state. 

Find out the newest (and oldest) solutions to gut health. Learn more on why probiotics alone are not the best solution for your gut and immune health. 


Top 8 Gut Health Questions

The most common questions about gut health answered.

  • Which Probiotics Survive Stomach Acid (HINT: not all are created equal)?
  • What Are the Best Natural Treatments for Acid Reflux?
  • Is Candida Overgrowth the Cause of Acid Reflux?
  • How Is the Digestive System Affected by Acid
  • Do Probiotics Help with GERD Symptoms?
  • Are Probiotics Effective for Treating Acid Reflux?
  • Can Antibiotics Lead to Acid Reflux?
  • Do Fermented Vegetables Cure Acid Reflux?

How To Optimize Gut Flora

All the microorganisms in the GI tract.

  • Diet: What you eat can greatly impact your gut microbiota
  • Prebiotics: One way to optimize gut health is by
    consuming prebiotics 
  • Probiotics: Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus are
    the most used probiotics, but have you heard of this new probiotic powerhouse?
  • Protein: an important role in the growth of the microbes in the gut
  • Stress: How it affects gut microbiota

All About Probiotic Supplements

Do they work? Which ones are the most effective? Learn more.

  • Are they all the same?
  • What are the best strains of probiotics?
  • Why a target probiotic may be better choice than a multi-strain?
  • How Do Probiotics Support Mental Health? 
  • Can Candida Overgrowth Be the Cause of Acid Reflux?
  • How Is the Digestive System Affected by Acid?
  • Which Probiotics Help with GERD Symptoms?
  • Are Some Probiotics More Effective for Treating Acid Reflux than others?
  • Antibiotics vs Probiotics?
  • What else can probiotics do?
  • Why probiotics alone aren’t the solution?

4 Weeks To A Stronger Gut

Simple 4 Week Plan With Worksheets

Top ways to Improve Gut Health:

  • Week 1: Nutrition, the most important first steps
    consuming prebiotics, probiotics and eliminating trigger foods
  • Week 2: Lifestyle, sleep, stress & more
  • Week 3: Supplementation, what are the best supplements to take 
  • Week 4: Maintenance, developing good, persistent lifestyle habits

What Scientists Say

Optimal gut health is an integral aspect to a healthy functioning immune system. A strong immune system is a priority these days.  The best thing you can do is to improve your health by paying more attention to your gut as 80% of your immune system originates there. Educating yourself is just as important as diet and proper supplementation. This e-book has all the information you’ll need to start your journey to better health.

Xiaohui Zhang, Ph.D. in Medicinal Chemistry


Reading The Ultimate Gut Health guide it gave me a better perspective on the importance of paying attention to your stomach health. The Tracking Diary was also super helpful. I recommend!

Aaron Scott, 38

Easy to read and easy to follow.  After following the e-book for 4 weeks i changed my gut health completely. I look and feel so much better now. It gave me the tools and knowledge to live a healthier lifestyle. 

Martha Hale, 42

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