Your Skin May Be Aging Faster Than You – AEON could fight this for you.


Your Skin May Be Aging Faster Than You – AEON could fight this for you.

Fulvic acid is effectively used in skincare as a natural alternative to fillers or other chemical enhancers. Many studies have looked into the benefits fulvic acid provides for healthy skin. Specifically supporting skin cells and collagen adding important antioxidants and nutrients.

Remember your early 20s when makeup was more optional than mandatory and you barely knew what lines on your face and dark patches under your eyes were. Or god forbid – dimpled looking thighs.

But does it really have to go all downhill after 30 or is there a natural way of taking care of your skin? 

Keeping your skin beautiful for as long as possible shouldn’t have to involve chasing the latest facial treatments or getting on the Botox bandwagon only to find yourself in need of touch ups every 4 months.

If you like us aren’t too fond of needles and pumping chemicals inside your skin then you’ll be happy to find that there are natural ways to be aware of your skin that will not only give you that radiant glow but actually keep your skin nurtured and healthy.

We’ll get into how your skin works, what it fuels from and a supplement that could help your skin looking the right age despise what life throws at you.

It’s time to scrap those anti-wrinkle serums, anti-aging lotions, and acne treatments and get with the power of inner beauty that will give make your skin as young and healthy as it should be.

Soul In A Shell

When it comes to skin health, there’s actually a lot going on and most of it is under the surface. 

We’re not talking about just any part of your body here. That pretty suit that wraps around your body is your largest organ and the layers that affect and control it are complex, to say the least.

First some fun facts about your skin

  • On average your skin weighs around 6 pounds.
  • It roughly goes through a regenerating cycle every 27 days (snakes ain’t got nothing on us).
  • It covers up to 21.5 square feet of surface.

On the practical side, our skin is meant to keep us protected from anything harmful coming at us from outside. This includes everything from germs, the sun, to toxic or unwanted substances that would try to enter our body.

But much more than just being a shell for our fragile insides it’s also the main reflection of our beauty and it reacts both on the environment outside and the general health and wellbeing of our body.    

Actually, most of what’s important to understand about what makes your skin look beautiful and feel good come from taking care of and supporting it inside.

To dive into the complexity of your skin it can be broken down into three layers. The deepest layer of your skin (hypodermis), a mid-layer (dermis), and the outer layer that you see (epidermis).

The hypodermis mainly stores fat and water in tissue to ensure your bone structure is protected and keeps moisture while also producing vitamin D from the fatty tissue – (you know it from getting that spring glow or summer tan).

Vitamin D helps with the normal function of your immune system and boosts growth that’s needed for regenerating skin cells. This is great because it’s keeping your skin moist and replacing dead skin on your epidermis.    

One part bad news is that the reduction of tissue here comes with age and will inevitably make your skin sag and wrinkle. But there’s actually a secret natural way of slowing down this aging of your tissue and its held by fulvic acid.

What fulvic acid does for your skin is to stimulate the production and uptake of collagen. [We’ll get to the importance of this in a bit].

Since fulvic acid is one unique product of nature it has the ability to enter through these tight cell walls and carry valuable nutrients directly to the source where your skin needs it. 

Less plump, wrinkly skin is not something you have to experience until actual old age so if you notice those effects early on there may be deficiencies at work in your inner layers.

To keep your worries down, our sweep has found that one of the products that use the most purified version of fulvic acid is AEON.

It’s the way for you if you care about an all-organic all-natural high dose of fulvic acid to boost your skin balance and even get extra benefits along the way. You can check it right here.

As we move up in the skin layers we get to the ‘mid-level’ called the dermis.

The dermis is an interconnected highway made up of hair follicles and blood vessels transporting nutrients to your skin cells. The key part for your skin here is two types of protein called elastin and collagen. These are the main influence on how elastic and youthful your skin is.

Especially collagen is related to the health and looks of your skin.

Basically, it’s a protein that forms the stretchiness of your skin and helps smooth out wrinkles and lines. Maintaining a healthy balance and steady production of collagen is required for new skin cells to grow and thrive.

While collagen levels will diminish with age, powerful natural products such as fulvic acid can help keep the balance and nourish the growth of new skin cells which will limit the risk of skin looking older than your rightful age.

Environmental factors also have a serious impact on the dermis and what you put in your body could have lasting effects. We’ll get into that in a bit.

The point is, if you treat your body rough it’s gonna look rough.

Because of collagen’s importance, injections have been popular as fillers to pump up the moisture levels and elasticity to prevent lines from forming. Especially for face skin care.

Still, injections are nerve-wracking since they’re an aggressive treatment for an underlying problem. Your skin actually has quite remarkable powers given the right nurture and care of your body from the inside for lasting results. 

Finally, when these two layers are added up to the surface we have the epidermis and this is where you’re in rapid change.

It’s also in the epidermis that you produce melanin to protect against the sun and possibly get your tan on.

By rapid change, we mean that this outer layer constantly produces short-lived new skin cells that are pushed to the surface from deeper layers to form the barrier for our bodies.

They then die and lay as ‘dead’ protection until they drop off unknowingly to our daily lives when we shower, exercise or exfoliate otherwise.

This circle constantly happens in healthy skin cells around every four weeks. 

(Remember those snakes shedding skin).

While many beauty and skincare products focus on moisturizing and stretching your skin by applying lotions and creams as topical applications this often has short-lived results. However, there is some benefit to topical applications when it comes to hydrating and soothing your skin.

When damaged, your skin begins a rapid recovery and healing phase, [we get into that here], that you may know from unbearable pains like getting a sunburn.

While you can use different products like aloe vera or other cooling lotions to soothe your skin the damage is already done. While your skin would still heal at its normal pace products with fulvic acid were actually found to speed up the healing process when applied topically.

Beauty Begins Within  

Now with that quick tour of how the skin works under the surface let’s step into some of the things that can impact the deeper functions of your skin. 

While you may be struggling with oily skin, dry skin, breaking out or even eczema all the things that keep you from getting that smooth clean look comes from inside-out, not the other way.

Here are some main nutrients that your skins fuels for staying hydrated and stretchy:   

Fat is important to retain moisture and avoid dry skin. Your body breaks down various fats in order to build healthy skin cells that keep the right balance of oil.

This is crucial for keeping your skin smooth and hydrated and is essentially what gives you a young healthy ‘glow’.

 Fatty acids like omega 3 are some of the building blocks your body needs through diet or supplements to construct strong cells as it cannot produce these specific fats itself.    

Deficiency or low levels of vitamin C are often associated with your skin having trouble to heal and regenerate at its normal speed. This is also strongly linked to the general durability of your skin cells.

Vitamin C works directly together with your dermis’ collagen and elastin production. 

Since these are the main forces at play for strong and flexible good looking skin, vitamin C plays an important part in stimulating your general protective barrier.

This also includes supporting antioxidants in UV light protection and fighting off wrinkles, crows feet or other signs of early skin age.

While there are many types of antioxidants and most of them come from different sources of nutrition these are great because of their importance in the general protection of your skin cells.

Specifically, they help guard against the forming of free radicals and stress that seek out to damage your skin.

[Think; preventing lines and wrinkles that may be forming much sooner due to harmful toxins in your body]. 

Free radicals fight against your skin health. They are unstable atoms that seek to pair with stable cells in your body.

In practice, they destroy your skin cells and seek out to attack the collagen and turns your hydrated smooth look into dry and wrinkly leather. 

The bad part is you’ll be exposed to these throughout your life and examples range from the more obvious like pesticides, tobacco, and alcohol to the damage done by the UV rays of the sun.

These harmful chemicals in your environment cause constant ‘oxidative stress’ which is the main contributor to making your skin age faster. 

The good part is that the right amount of antioxidants in your life serve as protecting your skin from these radical downers. Because they are able to stabilize free radicals in your system without needing to take away from your healthy cells. 

Although antioxidants work wonders for your skin you probably still wanna ditch those cigarettes and remember to apply sunscreen.  

These work in some ways to support the role antioxidants play in your skin condition. Whenever you sustain an injury or have problems keeping the barrier of the outer layer healthy your body draws on these nutrients to aid the cell structure.

Often times healing and soothing of your skin in relation to these minerals means applying mixtures directly to your skin for topical use in order to help damages.

Particularly healthy levels of zinc and selenium are believed to form strong protection against UV damage on a regular basis.   

  • Fulvic acid

While we’ve talked at length about the benefits of fulvic acid here on our blog they do have a unique use for skincare as well. 

One of the aspects is that it packs powerful antioxidants that have the ability to get absorbed and transported in your bloodstream much more efficiently than most other nutrients.

Since it’s broken down by nature into microscopic substances it can enter much deeper in topical use than most other lotions of skincare products.     

As an example using fulvic acid to treat dry skin or lesions may be beneficial due to its strong anti-inflammatory effects.

In fact, it has served as a great remedy for treating more extreme skin conditions.

In one study patients with eczema were found to experience significant healing effects using fulvic acid to soothe and speed the healing of redness on their skin. 

Having a fulvic acid product that can act both as a supplement granting it’s boosting powers from the inside and for topical application in case of more in-the-moment situations is a powerful tool to have in your belt for skincare. By the end of this post we’ll show you how AEON could be exactly the one product to cover your bases on beautiful skin.

Supporting your skin powers.

As we mentioned your skin has really impressive regenerative powers and is actually quite hardy in this aspect.

Because your skin regenerates at such a rapid pace whenever your skin is damaged or attacked by external factors such as sunlight or a wound is inflicted it goes through stages of healing.

It will send cells to the damaged area to start removing the damaged or dead tissue.

That often results in your skin flaring up or becoming itchy. After it will recruit new cells to start repairing lost tissue.

Finally, it reshapes and structures the barrier back to normal and shed the dead skin.     

Because your skin often receives some minor damage to it and the life span of your skin cells is about 2-3 weeks, this complex process goes on constantly.

These regenerating powers of your skin are incredibly special here since there are few cells in your body that regenerate as effectively.

Yes, time is a factor that will inevitably age your skin and there is no amount of moisturizing lotions, healthy diets or facial massages that will reverse that process. 

Still, you might be surprised by how much you can actually aid your skin in its daily fight against the things that make it age faster than it should.    

Diet And Exercise 

Generally what you put in your body also has a direct effect on how your skin looks. 

Foods and supplements containing vitamins C, E, A and fatty acids are the ones providing fuel for your skincare.

These are normally added in healthy amounts through your diet but as more and more foods are processed and chemically enhanced the nutrients are not the same.

Keeping up with your exercise has some major benefits to your skin. By increasing the blood flow in your system you help stimulate the blood vessels in the dermis and deeper layer which is responsible for transporting nutrients to the epidermis. This booster to your normal circulation helps make your skin get a more rich glow and smoothness. 

In fact, it was found that long term and regular exercise helps your body add extra defensive powers that enhance the effect of antioxidants thereby limiting the negative effect of oxidative stress.   

Why AEON Works Great As A Multifunction Skin Supplement.

Aside from gaining the right nutrients to support this cycle from the inside another way is to help the epidermis with moisturizing lotions and vitamin boosting creams.

You’re probably all too familiar with topical applications that are used to boost the soothing and healing of your skin. Many skin conditioners and beauty supplements are used in the hopes of having anti-aging effects and to keep your skin hydrated and smooth.

Unfortunately, most applications like moisturizing creams and other beauty products stay on the outer layer of the epidermis and never make it into the mid collagen level to provide long term lasting effects.

AEON is a supplement, powerful in antioxidants, that unlike most other natural skincare products actually boost the lower layers of your skin.

One of the unique qualities of AEON is that its fulvic acid functions improve the production and uptake of collagen in the dermis. This means it may have a direct effect on wrinkles and early age signs on your skin.  

It can also be used to apply for dry skin, eczema or in general for speeding up your skin’s natural healing process. As compared to other topical applications fulvic acid can penetrate much deeper into skin layers than normal lotions or moisturizers do.

This means you can add it as a natural supplement to boost the effectiveness of the constant regeneration your skin goes through. 

Combined with the powerful antioxidants of fulvic acid, the collagen-boosting effects and topical use for soothing and healing of your skin AEON may be as close to a natural anti-aging serum as you can find.

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