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Choosing the right product for your health can be overwhelming, but we’re here to help simplify the decision. We offer three effective products, each with their own unique benefits.

PRO+: If you’re looking for a powerful probiotic, PRO+ is the way to go. With clinical-strength vegan probiotics and Lion’s Mane, this product is perfect for anyone who wants to support their gut health and cognitive function.

Unique Biome: is our flagship product and combines the power of fulvic and humic acids with Bacillus coagulans. It’s the perfect choice for anyone looking for a natural way to improve their digestion, boost their immune system, and support overall health.

Dynamic Duo: And for those who want the best of both worlds, we offer The Dynamic Duo – a package deal that includes both Unique Biome and PRO+. This combination is ideal for anyone who wants to experience the full range of gut health benefits that these two products have to offer.

So whether you’re looking for a powerful probiotic, the benefits of fulvic and humic acids, or the ultimate gut health combo, we have the perfect product for you. Choose the one that fits your needs and start taking steps towards better overall health and a strong immune system today!

Remember: Up to 80% of your immune system is located in your gut along with 95% of your neurotransmitters responsible for keeping your energy and mood optimized!

The gut and brain are often thought of as two separate entities, but they are actually closely connected. The Gut-Brain Axis is a complex communication network between the gut and the brain. When this communication is disrupted, it can lead to a variety of health issues, including digestive problems, immune dysfunction, skin issues, allergies, anxiety, and depression.

The Problem: Most supplements only focus on either the gut or the brain and do not address the system as a whole. This one-dimensional approach rarely produces the results you’re looking for. Probiotics alone may only offer limited benefits (and most are animal-based) and many brain supplements only focus on a few areas of complete cognitive health and usually do not focus on the very important Gut-Brain communication.

The Solution: Unique Biome combines organic Fulvic & Humic acids with scientifically proven VEGAN Bacillus coagulans probiotic, and PRO+ combines clinical strength VEGAN Bacillus coagulans with organic Lion’s Mane mushrooms. Both of these supplements have been proven to promote a healthy Gut-Brain Axis and work holistically for lasting and impactful results. Stack them together for even greater benefits. What’s even better is that they are all completely vegan-friendly, unlike most on the market.

10 Amazing benefits:

  1. Promotes healthy digestion: The combination of fulvic & humic acids with Bacillus coagulans in Unique Biome helps support healthy digestion by enhancing nutrient absorption and promoting the growth of beneficial gut bacteria.
  2. Boosts immunity: A strong gut microbiome is essential for a healthy immune system, and the probiotics in Unique Biome and PRO+ can help support the growth of beneficial gut bacteria, leading to a stronger immune system.
  3. Reduces inflammation: The fulvic & humic acids in Unique Biome have been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties, which can help reduce inflammation throughout the body, including in the gut.
  4. Improves mental clarity: The gut-brain axis plays a crucial role in our mental health, and a healthy gut microbiome can help improve mental clarity and reduce brain fog. The probiotics in Unique Biome and PRO+ can help support a healthy gut-brain axis.
  5. Supports weight management: A healthy gut microbiome is essential for weight management, and the probiotics in Unique Biome and PRO+ can help support a healthy gut microbiome, which can in turn support weight management efforts.
  6. Enhances nutrient absorption: The fulvic & humic acids in Unique Biome can help enhance nutrient absorption, which can help ensure that your body is getting the nutrients it needs to function optimally.
  7. Natural Detoxification: Our fulvic & humic acid-containing product Unique Biome promotes natural detoxification processes by binding and removing harmful toxins from the body.
  8. Helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels: Many studies suggest that probiotics can help support healthy cholesterol levels, and the probiotics in Unique Biome and PRO+ may offer this benefit.
  9. Reduces bloating and gas: The probiotics in Unique Biome and PRO+ can help improve gut health, which can reduce symptoms like bloating and gas.
  10. Supports healthy skin: The gut-skin axis is another important connection between our gut health and overall health. A healthy gut microbiome can help promote healthy skin, and the probiotics in Unique Biome and PRO+ can help support a healthy gut microbiome.

Vegan, Organic & Keto-Friendly:

All of our products are VEGAN-friendly and Organic while also benefiting the KETO lifestyle. We only use VEGAN probiotics making it completely dairy free.  

Scientifically Formulated Synergistic Blends:

Scientifically Formulated: Our products are formulated based on scientific research and studies, ensuring maximum effectiveness.

Synergistic Blends: Our products combine powerful ingredients to create synergistic blends that promote overall health and well-being.

Easy to Use and No Refrigeration Needed:

Our products are easy to use, with simple dosage instructions, making them a convenient addition to your daily routine.

No need to refrigerate ever! Our products are designed to be shelf-stable at most normal temperatures. Take it with you to work, gym or travelling. 



Money-Back Guarantee: We stand behind the quality of our products and offer a money-back guarantee, so you can try them risk-free.

Customer Reviews: Our satisfied customers rave about the incredible benefits they’ve experienced, including improved gut health, immune function, and cognitive function.

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What People are saying about AEON:


AEON™ is a powerful plant-based supplement that has its roots in the ancient Ayurvedic medicine of Shilajit, which has been used for centuries for its vast health benefits and longevity properties.
Science has revealed that Shilajit is a rich source of Fulvic and Humic Acids, which are the active ingredients that make it so effective.
These organic super nutrients have incredible healing, nourishing, and detoxifying properties for your body and mind.
At AEON™, we source, extract, and purify 100% Canadian Fulvic and Humic acids, so you can trust that you’re getting the highest quality product.

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