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Did you know 80% of your immune system is in your gut?

Optimizing your gut health greatly enhances your immune system, which helps to improve your overall health & wellbeing.



AEON is Health Canada Licensed and FDA claim approved health supplement

Our mission is to restore our health, strength and vitality by providing ancient nutrition for today’s modern lifestyle.

100% Organic fulvic and humic acids are considered by natural health experts as the Panacea of Health & Wellness. 

Benefits are validated by thousands of scientific studies.

  • HEALS & DETOXIFIES YOUR GUT … AEON creates the perfect environment for your probiotics to thrive, but probiotics alone won’t solve all your gut problems. By promoting a healthy microbiome and strengthening your stomach’s natural firewall, AEON assists nutrient uptake and the removal of toxins which can help to heal leaky gut and IBS symptoms that probiotics alone cannot accomplish. 
  • STRENGTHENS IMMUNE SYSTEM & ANTI-VIRAL … experts agree 80% of your immune system is in your gut. By helping to heal and seal the gut membrane, AEON helps boost your immune system. Studies also show viruses also have a harder time attaching to your cells when exposed to AEON which can help you fight them off quickly
  • REDUCES PAIN & INFLAMMATION … helps to strengthen the tight junctions in your stomach which can help prevent toxins and harmful bacteria from slipping into your bloodstream which can trigger painful inflammatory responses.
  • VEGAN AND KETO FRIENDLY … AEON is 100% Vegan and organic and it also benefits the keto lifestyle. AEON helps brings you into ketosis faster than without it and it provides the necessary minerals, electrolytes and alkaline balance for optimal results. 
  • GREAT TASTE … AEON has a clean peppermint taste for easy, stress-free consumption.
  • OVER 80+ PLANT-BASED NUTRIENTS … AEON naturally contains beneficial trace minerals, probiotics, prebiotics, anti-oxidants, amino acids and more.
  • HIGH CONCENTRATION OF ORGANIC FULVIC & HUMIC ACIDS … AEON contains up to 20x more than any other product available. That means 20x more support for your gut, immune and total health!



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AEON is the evolution of Shilajit, an ancient Ayurvedic medicine used for thousands of years for its vast health benefits and longevity properties. 

Historically used for: Immune, Inflammation and Gut Health

Science has identified that Shilajit is a major source of Fulvic and Humic Acids, which are it’s active ingredients and why it works. 

They are Nature’s organic super nutrients that heal, nourish and detoxify your body & mind.

AEON is 100% Canadian – sourced, extracted and purified Fulvic and Humic acids.

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Richmond, British Columbia V7C 5J8

DISCLAIMER: Some of the above information has been derived from experimental data and has thus not been approved by standard medical bodies as of yet. The above data does not take into account any genetic defects or other unforseen problems related to nutrition and metabolism. This information is not intended to replace any medical procedure, advice or protocol prescribed by a medical practitioner. Consult your doctor before going on any intensive nutritional supplementation

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